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Wide Variety of Stucco Finishes in San Jose, CA

Not only is the color of your stucco important for the aesthetics of your project, but the texture of it is essential for details as well. Different textures of the same color have different Light Reflectance Values (LRV). For example, a sand float finish will be a different shade than our smooth finish. We expertly devise a color formulation for each texture style that matches the color you want. Here at Stucco Supply Co, we have a wide variety of finishes to choose for your building, from coarse to smooth. If you are stumped on which type of stucco finish to choose, just ask us, and we will give you a hand!


Our Stucco Finishes

16/20 Float

This stucco is manufactured with our largest aggregate mix. It is the perfect choice when you are looking for a rough texture.

All 20

This stucco finish is manufactured with a medium aggregate mix. If you’re looking for a more medium texture, this is your bet.

20/30 Texture

Texture stucco is manufactured with a medium graded aggregate blend. With this type, you can create a look that is either semi-rough or semi-smooth.


Stucco is manufactured with our largest aggregate mix. It is the perfect choice when you are looking for a machine-applied rough texture.

Marble Crete

This particular finish is an exterior finish that can be used when a southwest semi-smooth texture is desired.

Smooth Finish

Smooth Finish is produced with the finest aggregates and is a wonderful choice when you desire a smooth finish. There are many possibilities with textures, and imagination is the only limiting factor when creating the look you want.

Superior Interior Finish

This is a cement-based product that can be applied directly over plaster base, sheetrock, or painted surfaces. Skip trowel or float finishes are recommended when using this material.

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