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Superior Stucco Limestone in San Jose, CA

Stone-Like Veneer

Superior Stucco Limestone

Superior Stucco Limestone is a premium blend of Portland cement and crushed limestone that can be used in both interior & exterior applications. It has been pre-blended at our facility to ensure quality and consistency for the Plastering Industry. Superior Stucco Limestone can be applied in a variety of finishes which allows the applicator to be limited only in imagination. Superior Stucco Limestone is a cementitious finish manufactured with a mixture of various size aggregates and limestone designed to achieve a variety of stone appearances. Superior Stucco Limestone is used to create a pitted stone look, designed to save time and money at the same time as creating timeless, breathtaking facades. A few of the many benefits of Superior Stucco Limestone is the shorter lead time than real stone or precast requires, and it’s much lighter in weight. Available in a wide pallet of colors, and of course color matching is also offered.

Download Superior Stucco Limestone Spec Sheet

Download Superior Stucco Superior Finish SDS Report

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