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Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60 at Stucco Supply Co

How Tight is Too Tight?

Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60

Our Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60 is just the right amount of all the great ingredients you would come to expect from the industry leader. This high-performance admix improves all of the physical components of cementitious materials across the board. Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60 increases resistance to wear and weather. Ease of application, workability and high UV resistance, are just a few of the benefits when working with Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60.

Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60 provides a very durable, flexible, weatherproof surface that is more crack and shrink resistant than cement mixes without any admix benefits. Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60 also provides a mechanical key to the surface of uniform suction on surfaces with differing absorption rates. Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60 is the perfect admix for commercial or residential jobs that require more durability, impact & abrasion resistance with long-lasting wear protection.

Download Superior Stucco Ultra Tite 60 Spec Sheet

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