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Acrylic Bonder at Stucco Supply Co in San Jose, CA

Our Word is Our Bond

Superior Stucco Acrylic Bonder is suitable for both interior and exterior applications over plaster, cement-based products and properly prepared painted surfaces. Superior Stucco Acrylic Bonder is used when a superior bond is desired over old plaster, cement, stucco or painted surfaces.

Download Superior Stucco Acrylic Bonder Spec Sheet

Download Superior Stucco Acrylic Bonder SDS Report


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Superior Stucco Acrylic Bonder

Superior Stucco Acrylic Bonder can also be used as an admix for cement based products that will help to reduce cracking, add bond, flexural & tensile strength. Cuts down on the loss of mix water, promotes better hydration and curing of stucco materials. Meets or exceeds ASTM C1059 for Bonding Agents and ASTMC1583 for Admixtures (Tensile & Bond Strength).

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