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Drywall Construction by Stucco Supply Co.

Drywall construction is the application of walls without the use of mortar or plaster. Sometimes called sheetrock, wallboard, or gypsum board is more compelling than one might think. Drywall construction gives you the ability to achieve beautiful interiors without having to pay the higher prices of custom interior plastering.

Different Types of Drywall at Stucco Supply Co.

Different Types of Drywall

There are many types of drywall that come in different thicknesses; the most common are ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, and 5/8”. The most common thicknesses for general application are ½” and 5/8“. Drywall is most commonly found in 4’x8’ sheets, but also comes in larger 4’x12’ and 4’x16’ for larger spaces. Different types of drywall can be used in both commercial and residential projects. We use all five most-commonly-used types in our construction, and they all have one thing in common – their gypsum core. The gypsum is sandwiched between two layers of paper. There is paper on the back (usually brown), and the face will have the job-specific type of colored paper. All types of drywall are inherently fire resistant, but Type X is the standard in fire protection.


There are a few different types of Georgia-Pacific drywall products we use in our residential and commercial construction:

  • ToughRock® is the most common gray drywall, which can be used throughout a house or commercial building. We do not use it in areas where water or moisture might be an issue or the need for fire-resistance.
  • ToughRock® Mold-Guard drywall is mold-resistant. We use it in applications where moisture can be an issue, most commonly in bathrooms. It is commonly found with green paper on the face of the board, sold in both regular and Fireguard X®
  • DensArmor Plus® Fireguard® drywall resists moisture, mold, and mildew. Additionally, it also resists scratches, scuffs, and dents, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas. It is also a fire-resistant Fireguard X® board.
  • ToughRock® Fireguard 45® is a special type of drywall that has a higher fire-resistance rating than regular drywall.

QuietRock™ Drywall Panels

QuietRock™ is a multi-layer engineered drywall panel made of gypsum and viscoelastic sound-absorbing polymers. QuietRock™ is an ideal sound solution over the existing drywall or in new construction. Installs like normal drywall and can be finished with a number of accompanying materials by the QuietRock™ brand for the ultimate sound dampening experience!

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