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Stucco Crack Guard Base in San Jose, CA


Crack-Guard Base Coat

CGB is a polymer-modified portland cement-based product developed to assist in the suppression of cracks in your scratch and brown coats. CGB is a base coat used for embedding CG-Mesh used in the Superior Stucco Crack-Guard System (CGS). Using the Superior Stucco Crack-Guard System can increase the comprehensive system warranty period.

Reduce the cracking and the stress related to surface cracking with the cost-effective Superior Stucco Crack-Guard System. CGB helps diminish a significant amount of surface cracking which is one of the biggest complaints with stucco. With the combination of the alkali-resistant woven mesh, CGB creates a durable polymer-modified base coat that has high flexural and tensile strength. May be used as a leveling coat prior to applying Superior Stucco Color Coat or Superior Stucco Acrylic Finish. We highly recommend the Superior Stucco Crack-Guard System when a smooth finish is desired.

*Special Note: We cannot guarantee your finish will be “crack-free”. We can guarantee that this, and all Superior Stucco products, are made with the highest quality materials and manufacturing practices in the industry.

Download Crack-Guard Base Coat Spec Sheet

Download Crack-Guard Base SDS Report














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