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Superior Stucco Base Primer at Stucco Supply Co

All Good Things Start With a Good Foundation

Superior Stucco Base Primer

Often disregarded, yet continually your best bet for a high quality, long lasting finish, Superior Stucco Base Primer is where it all starts. It is manufactured with 100% binders specifically for Superior Stucco Acrylic Finish. With the addition of your chosen colorant, it becomes a semi-transparent base that is applied over cured Brown coats and other cementitious substrates. Formulated to promote bond strength, color consistency (reduces color bleed) and uniform suction, while increasing water resistance and finish coverage for all of Superior Stucco Acrylic Finishes. Some of the additional benefits are that it is naturally vapor-permeable and can also be a great aid to reducing the threat of efflorescence in areas with high humidity.

Download Superior Stucco Base Primer Spec Sheet

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