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Superior Stucco Architectural Foam

Take the Ordinary and Make It EXTRAORDINARY!

Every shape can be customized, with lots of finish options. Not all shapes are in stock and may take up to 10 business days for custom shapes.

Architectural Foam is the most economical and environmentally safe way to create amazing decorative trims around windows, doors, eaves, corners, posts, columns, chimneys, fireplaces and just about anywhere, on your residence or place of business.

With many decorative and standard finishes it allows you to really get that look you were going for. For either Interior or Exterior uses.

The computer-generated EPS foam shapes are only as limited as your imagination. If you can think of a shape, we can probably cut it and coat it for you.

Foam trims bring elegance to your home or business without the huge price tag. Call our experienced staff and start your project with the leader in the Stucco industry.

Superior Stucco Architectural Foam

Architectural Foam Glossary

Potshelf (Sill)

Typically are used at the base of a window, and are specifically designed for this application by having a slope to allow water to run-off.

Sashes & Bands (Casing)

Typically are used on the sides of windows or doorways, and are usually installed in areas where water run-off is not needed.

Eaves & Crowns (Cornice)

Typically used under roof overhangs/eaves or where your interior wall meets your ceiling. The back is usually cut to allow for adjustment and easier installation.

Faux-Crete Moldings

These do not always need to be ordered with our Faux-Crete Finish, however, the section in this catalog also known as our FC Series, displays some of our more popular styles offered.

Wall/Post Caps

Typically used to finish off the top of fence/retaining walls and posts/columns.


Typically used over a doorway, window or walkway. Pediments offer more detail than a standard surrounding shape.


Typically are used to add detail or dimension to an area such as a window or doorway, where an arched window/door may be.

Quatrefoils/ Bullseyes

Can be used to surround a circular window, light fixtures, attic vents, or to add detail to a bare wall.


Usually surround a structural post, adding detail to the overall appeal of the home or building. Columns can also be used to add detail to a corner of a wall or building providing the same detailed effect.


These low maintenance, elegant shutters are economical and last a lifetime with no maintenance, unlike wood shutters. EPS coated foam resists rotting & termites.


Quoins are often used as decoration, defining space by visually outlining the geometry of a building. Typically on the outside corners of a building.


Helps to add a stylish touch to interior or exterior windows, doors and arches.

Standard and Custom Foam Finishes

All of the shapes in this Guide are examples of Standard & Custom Shapes offered by San Jose Stucco Supply & Drywall. Any of the shapes featured in this catalog can be modified to meet any specification you may need. Please inquire with our sales staff for further details.

We currently offer six different finishes:

Sand Finish

A Base Coat with floated texture. This finish is for exterior use and our most economical.


A smooth hand-sanded, two-coat process, which can be used for both interior and exterior.

FC-90 or Interior

Also a smooth, hand-sanded, two-coat process for interior use. Recommended for low impact areas.


One of our newer finishes that offers an imperfect “Old World” appeal to it’s texture. This two-coat finish can be used for either interior or exterior.


Our Thickest two-coat finish which offers the look of natural “Old World” limestone.

Wood Grain

Becoming more and more popular, the Wood Grain finish looks great on Shutters.

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