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Fog Coat at Stucco Supply Co in San Jose, CA

Color Correction

Superior Stucco Fog Coat

Superior Stucco Fog Coat is a spray-applied cementitious product formulated for use as a color correction tool. It is used to even the color of new work or refresh existing stucco. Fog Coat is spray applied–using a hand pump, compressed air tank sprayer, or a painter’s airless sprayer. Different textures require a different amount of pigments. Contrary to latex paint, it cures to become an integral part of the stucco surface while maintaining the durability and natural look of stucco. Be sure to check with our helpful sales staff if you have any questions, and of course, we offer custom color matching services.

Download Superior Stucco Fog Coat Spec Sheet

Download Superior Stucco Superior Finish SDS Report

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