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Superior Stucco Deck Mud Tile in San Jose, CA

Setting Material for Tile Floors & Countertops

Superior Stucco Deck Mud

All great tile jobs start with Superior Stucco Deck Mud, an industry leader in tile underlayment for floors and countertops. Conveniently packaged in 50lb. bags Superior Stucco Deck Mud is a leveling mortar designed for interior or exterior tile underlayment. It is for all types of tile, marble or paver installations on floors and countertops. Superior Stucco Deck Mud is a premium blend of Portland cement and washed ocean sands. It has been pre-blended at our facility to ensure quality and consistency that conforms to ASTM C-144 for the Tile Industry.

Download Superior Stucco Deck Mud Spec Sheet

Download Superior Stucco Deck Mud SDS Report

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