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Superior Stucco Uniwall


Download Superior Stucco Uniwall Spec Sheet


Manufactured from the highest-grade materials, SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL provides the dependability, flexibility in design, and low maintenance that is demanded from today’s applicators. SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL saves time and money overall because the completion time of the scratch and brown coats are so much faster. It is commonly used over EPS/Lath and used as a base coat for exterior finishes, such as SUPERIOR STUCCO EXTERIOR COLOR COAT or SUPERIOR STUCCO ACRYLIC FINISH.  It is fiber reinforced, light gray in color and packaged in a multi-layered, moisture resistive, 80 pound bag. SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL is sold both as a Concentrate and with Sand (50lb.).  [TESTING AND STANDARDS: SEE ICC-ES REPORT# ER-5043]


SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL will cover approximately 10 yards at 3/8″ thick (Concentrate).

Coverage may vary depending on the amount of sand and water used along with the various depth of your lath.


For one sack of SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL Concentrate add 4 1/2 to 6 gallons of water, and 240 to 300 pounds of sand. Use clean potable water and mix in a paddle type mixer for fifteen (15) minutes for initial mix and (5) minutes thereafter. This will ensure that all materials are mixed properly. Do not add any more water than what is prescribed when mixing the product. Excessive or insufficient amounts of water can cause product failure.  Do not add any other materials to the mixture of the product without written consent of STUCCO SUPPLY.


All surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, dust, debris, grease, oils, curing agents, and cleaning solutions. Ensure that all surfaces are free of any irregularities. Do not saturate the wall during preparation.


SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL is applied over lath in one coat from 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick by hand or machine.  Caution: This product may cause skin irritation. Use protective clothing to prevent contents from coming in contact with skin. Use a non-toxic particle mask to prevent inhalation.


Lightly mist all walls with water within 24 hours after the application is complete. Curing time: 7 – 28 days.

CLEAN UP: We recommend that all surfaces and tools be cleaned immediately with water.


SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep above 40 degrees F and below 110 degrees F.


Do not apply SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL when ambient temperature is below 40 degrees F or above 100 degrees F. The temperature must stay consistent within this range for a minimum of 48 hours after application for material to cure properly. Do not add more water than what is prescribed when mixing, floating, or troweling this product. Do not deviate from mixing procedures or overmix, as this may cause product failure. SUPERIOR STUCCO UNIWALL is not intended to be left unfinished.


The above statement, recommendation, suggestions and technical data are based on the best knowledge to Stucco Supply and as given as information    only, without any responsibility for their use. Stucco Supply makes no warranties or guarantees to this product, either expressed or implied with respect to merchantability or fitness for particular use of said product. Handling and use of product are out of the control of Stucco Supply, so no warranty is given.

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