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Superior Fat Mud by Stucco Supply Co.SUPERIOR STUCCO FAT MUD

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SUPERIOR STUCCO FAT MUD is a premium blend of Portland Cement, Lime and washed ocean sands. It has been pre-blended at our facility to ensure quality and consistency for the Tile Industry. SUPERIOR STUCCO FAT MUD is a tile mortar that is used as a setting bed on vertical walls over appropriate waterproof membranes and metal lath, prior to setting tiles.


Approximately 14 sq. feet @ ½” thick over 20GA Lath Wire.


SUPERIOR STUCCO FAT MUD only needs the addition of clean potable water to achieve the desired consistency. Mix with approximately 3-3-1/2 quarts of water for every 50lb bag, to desired consistency. Caution: Excessive water will reduce bond and workability.

Mixing with Admix: For improved performance use SUPERIOR STUCCO ACRYLIC BONDER in your mixing solution. 50% water:50% Acrylic Bonder- and up to 100% SUPERIOR STUCCO ACRYLIC BONDER.


A minimum of 24 hours is required for curing. Consult Local Building Codes. May set tiles with Thin Set Mortar after curing period.


To ensure that SUPERIOR STUCCO FAT MUD bonds correctly, make sure the receiving surface is free of any contaminates, dust, debris, curing or cleaning agents, efflorescence, oils, etc.


Do not apply SUPERIOR STUCCO FAT MUD when ambient temperature is below 40 degrees F or above 100 degrees F. The temperature must stay consistent within this range for a minimum of 48 hours after application for material to cure properly. Do not add more water than what is prescribed when mixing, floating or troweling this product. Excessive or insufficient amounts of water can cause product failure. Do not deviate from mixing procedures or overmix, as this may cause product failure. SUPERIOR STUCCO FAT MUD is not intended to be left unfinished.


Clean tools and surfaces immediately with water.


The above statement, recommendation, suggestions and technical data are based on the best knowledge to Stucco Supply and is given as information only, without any responsibility for their use. Stucco Supply makes no warranties or guarantees to this product, either expressed or implied with respect to merchantability or fitness for particular use of said product. Handling and use of product are out of the control of Stucco Supply , so no warranty is given.

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