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Stucco Supply Ultra-Tite 60

Superior Stucco Ultra-Tite 60

Plaster & Concrete Bonding – Curing Agent
Improves Adhesion & Curing to Help Reduce Cracking

Download Superior Stucco Ultra Tite 60 Spec Sheet


An Acrylic modified polymer liquid designed to greatly improve adhesion, compressive, flexural and tensile strength of Portland Cement based mixtures, including topping sidewalks, driveways or ramps.


One-Coat Systems mix ratio: One (1) part SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60 to 1-1/2 parts water. (1:1.5)

Traditional Stucco mix ratio: One (1) part SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60 to One (1) – Three (3) parts of water. (1:1-3). Always mix with water before adding to Cement or Plaster mixture. DO NOT OVERMIX or at high speeds (over 500rpm with drill mixer) to avoid entrapping air. Drying time varies due to substrate, ambient temperature and job conditions. In normal conditions typical drying time is 24-48 hours, although heavy traffic areas require 4-5 days. Protect applied product from inclement weather until fully cured. DO NOT use with Air-Entrained Cement.


Be sure to thoroughly mix sand and cement or plaster before adding the desired ratio of SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60 and water mix to the sand/cement mixture. DO NOT OVERMIX. After cleaning and preparing surface area, brush on slurry coat of SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60 & sand/cement mix to eliminate any air pockets. While still tacky, apply mix into prepared area with light trowel pressure. Clean tools frequently.


The coverage of SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60 will vary due to job conditions, method of application and weather conditions. Typically (1) Gallon of SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60 will cover approximately 200-300 sq. feet (5 Gallons: 1,000-1,500 sq. ft) Yields will vary depending on dilution rate and substrate.


SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60 should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep above 40 degrees F and below 110 degrees F.


Do not apply SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60 when the temperature is below 40 degrees F or above 100 degrees F. This range of temperature must be kept for 48 hours to ensure proper curing. Keep away from hydrostatic pressure (Moisture/water) after applying SUPERIOR STUCCO ULTRA-TITE 60. Do not apply until surface is free of all contaminates.


Clean up with water immediately. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY BEFORE CLEAN UP.


The above statement, recommendation, suggestions and technical data are based on the best knowledge to Stucco Supply and is given as information only, without any responsibility for their use. Stucco Supply makes no warranties or guarantees to this product, either expressed or implied with respect to merchantability or fitness for particular use of said product. Handling and use of product are out of the control of Stucco Supply, so no warranty is given.

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