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Stucco Base Primer

Superior Stucco Base Primer

Acrylic Priming Agent for Superior Stucco Acrylic Finish

Download Superior Stucco Base Primer Spec Sheet


SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER is manufactured with 100% binders specifically for SUPERIOR STUCCO ACRYLIC FINISH. It is formulated to promote bond strength, color consistency (reduces color bleed) and uniform suction, while increasing water resistance and finish coverage for all of SUPERIOR STUCCO ACRYLIC FINISHES.


SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER is formulated for use as an exterior or interior primer that improves finish workability, color uniformity, reduces suction and is VOC compliant. SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER may be tinted using Superior Stucco Tinting Systems, including 30 standard colors. Custom colors upon request. SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER dries within 1-2 hours.


SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER covers approximately 700-800 square feet (74.3 sq. m) per 5 gallon bucket. Coverage may vary due to ambient temperature, surface temperature, surface porosity and/or application methods. SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER may be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. Avoid puddling. Protect applied product from inclement weather until fully dry or SUPERIOR STUCCO ACRYLIC FINISH is applied. May be diluted 1%-2% with clean potable water for Sprayer application.


All surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, dust, debris, grease, oils, curing agents, and cleaning solutions. Ensure that all surfaces are free of any irregularities. One coat and three coat stucco products must be adequately cured. The pH level of 10 or below is recommended prior to application.


SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep above 40 degrees F and below 110 degrees F.


Clean up with water immediately. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY BEFORE CLEAN UP.


Do not apply SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER when the temperature is below 40 degrees F or above 100 degrees F. This range of temperature must be kept for 48 hours to ensure proper curing. Keep away from hydrostatic pressure (Moisture/water) after applying and do not saturate surface with water prior to applying SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER. Do not apply SUPERIOR STUCCO BASE PRIMER until surface is free of all contaminates. Protect the applied film from dirt and debris until the fresh product overlay is in place.


The above statement, recommendation, suggestions and technical data are based on the best knowledge to Stucco Supply and as given as information only, without any responsibility for their use. Stucco Supply makes no warranties or guarantees to this product, either expressed or implied with respect to merchantability or fitness for particular use of said product. Handling and use of product are out of the control of Stucco Supply, so no warranty is given.

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