Superior FOAM-TITE in the Greater Bay Area


Manufactured from the highest grade materials, SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, provides the dependabilty and flexibility in design, that is demanded from an adhesive and coating. SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, is a polymer-modified Portland cement product that is specifically designed for use as an EPS foam shape adhesive and coating.

Basic Use:

SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, is primarily used as an adhesive and coating for Foam Shapes.

SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, is also used for patching small areas and as a base coat over most cement based substrates.


Common cement color (gray/brown/green).


SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, is packaged in a multi-layered, moisture resistive bag. We have two sizes; 50 pound and 90 pound bags.


As an ADHESIVE: SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, will stick approximately 60-90 linear square feet, per 90 pound sack, at 3/16” to ¼” thick.

As a COATING: SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, will cover approximately 1 square foot, per dry pound, at 1/8” thick.

Your coverage will vary, depending on application and procedures.


Use clean potable water and mix with a drill or a paddle type mixer. Add ½ the amount of water to a 5 gallon pail, slowly add the Foam-Tite into the water, add remaining water and mix to the consistency of a milk shake (3-5 minutes). Let this mixture stand for about 8-10 minutes (the mixture will stiffen up), add a little bit more water and break the set. Re-temper with water as needed.

Bag Size Water

50 lb 1 ¼ to 1 ½ gallons

90 lb 2 to 2 ½ gallons

Surface Preparation:

To ensure that Superior FOAM-TITE bonds correctly, clean the receiving surface of any dust, debris, curing or cleaning agents, efflorescence, oils, etc.

Application: Adhesive

Trowel SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, onto the back side of the foam shape, using a margin or notched trowel at 3/16” to ¼” thick. Slap foam shape onto the wall and wiggle to desired position. Remove excess FOAM-TITE from wall immediately. DO NOT move shape once applied, this will break set and cause failure.

Application: EPS Base Coat

Machine or hand apply Superior FOAM-TITE, onto the front side of the meshed foam shape, completely covering all mesh (approximately 1/8” thick). Trowel or sponge float to desired finish. Let the coated foam shape cure for a minimum of 24 hours before additional work is performed on it!

Application: Wall Base Coat:

Trowel SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, onto the prepared wall. Trowel or sponge float to desired finish.

When using mesh in conjunction with the SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE, start in the middle of the mesh and work to the edges of the netting to avoid wrinkles. Let this base coat set for a minimum of 24 hours, apply second coat and trowel smooth.


Lightly mist all walls with water within 24 hours after the application is complete.


Do not apply SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE when the ambient temperature is below 40 deg F / 4 deg C or above 100 deg F / 34 deg C. The ambient temperature must stay consistently within this range for a minimum of 48 hours after application, for the material to properly cure.

Do not apply SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE if there are contaminates on the receiving surface. Contaminates may include, but are not limited to; Dust, Debris, Cleaners, Efflorescene, Oils, Etc.

Do not add any more water than what is prescribed when mixing the product. Excessive or insufficient amounts of water can cause product failure.

Do not add any other materials to the mixture of the product without written consent of STUCCO SUPPLY CO.

Do not saturate the wall during preparation and/or water curing.

Do not use excessive amounts of water when floating and/or trowling the texture, as this may cause product failure.

Do not deviate in mixing procedures, as this may cause product failure.

Do not leave SUPERIOR STUCCO FOAM-TITE in its applied state. It must be finished with a Stucco finish or painted.

Clean Up:

We rcommend that all surfaces and tools be cleaned immediately with water.

Testing and Standards:


Portland Cement; ASTM C-150 / C-926


This product may cause skin irritation. Use protective clothing to prevent contents from coming in contact with skin. Use a non-toxic particle mask to prevent inhalation.


Because of job conditions, which are beyond our control, our liablity is limited to the cost of the purchase price of the material.

All information in this technical data sheet is designed and compiled according to the latest technology and is intended as informational only. No liablity can be accepted for incorrect use of this information.

For additional information, please contact STUCCO SUPPLY .

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