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Enhance the Appearance of Your Building!

Stucco Supply Co applying stuccoIn recent years, stucco has become one of the most popular finishes in new construction and renovation projects throughout the San Jose area, and rightfully so. Stucco supplies and material provide a wide range of advantages over other materials, and is a terrific way to increase the curb appeal of nearly any project. At Stucco Supply Co, we are the professional stucco company with more than 60 years of experience. In our inventory, we have all of the quality building supplies that you need to get started!

Some of the benefits that stucco provides include:

  • A fashionable and beautiful appearance that can be customized to your specific color and texture needs
  • Long-lasting durability that effectively resists the outdoor elements
  • Extremely easy to maintain
  • Fire-resistance
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • An easy way to increase the value of your building

A Professional Stucco Manufacturer

We at Stucco Supply are a professional stucco manufacturer that not only sell our stucco on-site, but also manufacture it on-site as well. By manufacturing all of our stucco on-site, our stucco company is able to cut down costs and pass on the savings to you. At our professional stucco company, we are also able to monitor the quality of the stucco manufactured closely, which ensures that only the best products are offered to you. Another great benefit is that we’re able to manufacture many types of stucco colors and finishes, which gives you much more flexibility when it comes to choosing the right stucco for your project.

Great Stucco Color Selection

Because we can manufacture the stucco on-site, our stucco color selection is far superior to those you’d find at other stucco companies. When you feel like selecting the perfect color for your project is too overwhelming, our staff members will be more than glad to help you choose the right color to enhance your project. Should you not be satisfied with any of the stucco colors we have on offer, Stucco Supply Co is more than happy to fill a custom order. Our company offers standard and premium colors, as well as custom colors when you desire it. Please keep in mind that the colors will vary depending on the method of application, basecoat, and what the weather is like at the time of application. We will always try to get your exterior stucco as close to the color that you wanted, but keep the above points in mind when you see the final product.

Different Stucco Finishes

Not only is the color of your stucco important for the aesthetics of your project, but the texture of it is extremely important as well. Here at Stucco Supply Co, we have a wide variety of finishes for you to choose from, from rough to smooth. Again, if you’re stumped on which type of stucco finish to choose, just ask us and we’ll give you a hand!

If you’re interested in our stucco color selection, stucco molding, or the types of finishes that Stucco Supply Co has in store, please get in touch with us. For a free estimate, call our San Jose stucco wholesale company (408) 292-0454 today!

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Since 1955
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