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Regarding COVID-19

At Stucco Supply we are doing everything we can to handle the challenges that have been brought to us regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are constantly reviewing the current information from the CDC and other governmental agencies.  Our company is working diligently to supply our customers with the highest level of service and materials for the construction industry.

Our current policies:

  • We are asking all of Stucco Supply’s employees and customers not to greet each other with any physical contact.
  • We will limit each company location to have one customer at a time in the order area.
  • Our company will limit all meetings to 10 people or less.
  • Outside sales will be limited to handling business by phone, text, or e-mail whenever possible.
  • The yard personnel have been instructed to take the orders and keep conversations to a minimum.
  • If an employee is feeling unwell, they will be instructed to stay at home until they have recovered and to seek medical treatment when necessary.
  • We are also asking all customers to please refrain from coming to our facilities if they are unwell and to seek medical treatment when needed.
  • At all of the Stucco Supply & Drywall facilities we have implemented stringent cleaning and safety procedures to ensure the safety of all employees and customers during this uncertain time.

The Stucco Supply & Drywall employees, customers, and the general public can rest assured that their safety and well-being are held in the highest regard.  We ask everyone to please not panic and keep all of your activities to only the most essential.  Please continue to “shelter in place” and stay at your home except for only essential activities and designated exceptions.  Together we will work as a caring community and get through these trying times.


Sincerest Regards,
Daniel H. Smith